Tracking Expenses

Tracking Expenses

March 7, 2023
Abu Musaddiq Zamani
Ankur Warikoo has talked about the importance of expense tracking for personal finance management and has recommended it as a best practice for anyone looking to improve their financial health. He has emphasized that by tracking your expenses, you can gain a better understanding of where your money is going and identify areas where you may be overspending or where you can cut back.
In a video on his YouTube channel, Warikoo explains that tracking your expenses can help you create a budget and stick to it, which can ultimately help you achieve your financial goals. He recommends using a simple spreadsheet or an expense tracking app to monitor your spending, and suggests reviewing your expenses regularly to ensure you are staying on track.
Warikoo has also emphasized that expense tracking is not just about saving money, but also about gaining clarity and control over your financial situation. He believes that by tracking your expenses, you can feel more confident and empowered in your financial decisions, and ultimately live a more fulfilling life.
A few general tips for selecting an expense tracking app:
  1. Look for an app that is easy to use: Warikoo emphasizes the importance of finding an app that you find intuitive and easy to use, as this can help you stay consistent with tracking your expenses.
  1. Find an app that fits your needs: There are many different types of expense tracking apps available, each with different features and capabilities. Warikoo recommends considering your individual needs and goals when selecting an app, and choosing one that aligns with your personal preferences.
  1. Look for an app that syncs across devices: If you use multiple devices, such as a smartphone and a tablet, Warikoo suggests finding an app that can sync your data across all of your devices, so you can easily access and update your expenses no matter where you are.
  1. Choose an app that provides helpful insights: Many expense tracking apps offer helpful features like spending reports and insights, which can help you identify trends and areas for improvement in your spending habits. Warikoo suggests looking for an app that provides these types of tools to help you gain a better understanding of your finances.
Some popular expense tracking apps that meet these criteria include Mint, Personal Capital, PocketGuard, YNAB (You Need A Budget), Wally and ToffeeMoney.
However, ultimately, the best app for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.